Blake Werner, ABR, RSPS, ePRO

Action Realty was recommended through Veterans United. Your overall responses to emails & texts were prompt and timely. You were always available when we wanted to look at houses. You two are the perfect Realtors! We were so blessed to have you by our side. I give you a 10 for your service!

K. Miller
26 Months ago

My sister went through you (Action) and my Dad works for the company. He recommended you. I found you to be very professional, friendly, on time. It was easy to communicate with the realtor.

N. Wuderlich
27 Months ago

Blake & Margaret were very friendly & professional, easy to talk to. They always had the answers to our questions. Amazing experience and I have no complaints. I give them a 10!

M. & S. Glascock
28 Months ago

They knew the area the home was in and I thought they were excellent to work with. I give them a 10!

D. Rousch
29 Months ago

We chose Margaret & Blake due to their experience and friendliness over the phone. We had 2 different popular realtors in JC, who did not seem to be as positive and motivated as Ms. Margaret & Blake. They were so helpful & Knowledgeable about the selling of our home. They listened to us and answered all of our questions, worked real hard to make us happy. Kept us in the 100p! The house was shown more in 3 weeks than the other realtors showed it in 3 months. I give them a 10!

- M. Roush
29 Months ago

He gets Action! Good business to work with! Score 10!

G. Eiken
30 Months ago

I rented with this company, bought a house with this company, and sold the house with them. Excellent service! I give them a 10!

N. NKongolo
31 Months ago

I found them via the internet, and they were recommended by others also. Margaret & Blake were very professional and friendly! They did a wonderful job with the sale. Top-rated services. I give them a score of 10!

A. Fawks
32 Months ago

Blake had shown my house to buyers a couple of times when it was a FSBO. I am very pleased. Blake went above and beyond in providing service. He put in hours and hours of work, dealing with contractors and the buyer, to make this sale happen in a very short time frame. Blake gets a score of 10 for the work he did to sell my house.

L. Whittle
33 Months ago

We chose Action Realty, and Margaret & Blake, because of prior acquaintance, location, shared property boundary. I was very happy with the business. All aspects of the sale of the house went very well. The realtors are very kind, helpful, and efficient. I give them a score of 10!

N. Struemph
36 Months ago

We chose Action via Veteran’s United Home Loans. They were very friendly and professional, easy to talk to, and always had the answers to our questions. Amazing experience. I have no complaints. I give Margaret and Blake a 19!

M. And S. Glascock
37 Months ago

My Uncle had used Action and told me it would be what I needed. They were very professional and very quick getting back on anything. I give them a 10 for their services.

M. Surface
37 Months ago

We rented from Action and we loved how good they were as landlords. We feel like Margaret & Blake are family. We were very impressed and would not change anything about the experience. We give them a score of 10!

J. & D. Plank
37 Months ago

Action Realty helped me when I purchased my new home, so that is who I thought of first when I decided to sell the old one. Over all they were very professional, very friendly and helpful, and very knowledgeable about details. I felt I was in good capable hands during the entire time. I can’t imagine how they could do anything better! I give them a 10!

-J. Jones
38 Months ago

We have worked with Margaret Thoenen for years. She and Blake are quick and courteous. Very persistent, organized, friendly, and always striving to make sure we are pleased. I believe everything about this experience was fantastic. No complaints. I give them a 10!

-H. & S. Hoerschgen.
39 Months ago

Well, we went to Realtor.Com and got a call from Blake, went in and really liked the atmosphere and agreed to stay with them. It was very professional. Met when we wanted to meet, very honest when it came to answering questions, and they were extremely nice. I give them a score of 10.


Because I used Margaret before when we bought a house and had a wonderful experience from it! 100% doing good!! They were wonderful and I give them a score of 10! -

J. Kirschner

I chose Action because I lived in the St. Martins area. I feel like Blake & Margaret were very convenient. Always available for questions and quick to respond. I give them a 10!


I came to Margaret & Blake from Veteran’s United, as I intended to use a VA Loan for home purchase. Their service was satisfactory, the process was smooth, and their helped me get a 25-35% reduction of home purchase price! I give them a 9!

C. Magee